Exploring Rivers

Some of the best times of my entire life have been on the river. The majestic canyons, the cold and fierce river water, the rush of rapids, the calm of flatwater.  Combine all that with camping along the river bank with friends old and new and you’ve got a perfect weekend adventure.

Browns Canyon Rafting, R2/6 ft boat.

Mee Canyon
Hike in & Raft out Extravaganza 2015

Fall Break 2014
Ruby Horsetheif

Upper Colorado River
Ducky and SUP trip

360 Degree View from the River
A Photo Montage

Fall Break 2013
Ruby Horsetheif

SUP Yoga Retreat trip

The River Rat Gallery of Good Times

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Being Bohemia Business Casual is a collection juxtaposing the unconventional and professional. It’s an exploration of art and imagination peppered with the ordinary and routine. It’s more than surviving the 9 to 5 – it’s about thriving the 9 to 5. Join me as I navigate a budding career and the world around me as best as I know how.

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