Products for Wellness

Who doesn’t love a classic top ten list eh? My hope here is that someone will read this post and benefit from it. Simple really. Onward!

My Top 10 Favorite Products for Wellness

Essential Oils

  • Specifically Lavender and Peppermint
  • That’s right – you didn’t hear it here first, but you’ve heard it again. So the hype about these incredible oils must be real. I tell you what, when I have a headache I put lavender on my neck and boom – relief. Plus, when I wear lavender I get all kind of compliments on the fragrance – it’s calming to myself and to others – a win-win. Stomach ache? Put a few drops of peppermint oil in your water for fresh breath and a soothed tum tum without having to find some Tums. I have over 20 different oils – all of them fantastic in their own right and they serve so many different purposes. From cleaning to cooking, aromatherapy to health care, these oils are a must-have in my book.

Stridex Pads

  • Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve always struggled with my skin and because of that I’ve gone to great lengths to keep it clear and free of any annoying blemishes. I’ve gone to the dermatologist for a prescription a few times in addition to the countless products I bought over the counter, claiming to zap zits and give you the MOST BEAUTIFUL skin ever. Some things seemed to work, but overtime I found myself frustrated. I wanted something simple. Something easy to do and incorporate into my life. Stridex pads are exactly that. You don’t even have to wet your face – or step near a bathroom to take care of your skin. Brilliant. Just bing bong boom – clean skin in minutes. Plus, I’ve noticed my skin looks better and brighter than ever. Seriously guys. These things work. Get the extra strength kind and use them at least 1-2 times a day, like when you get home from work. I tried Stridex when I was younger and didn’t care for them too much; but like I said, these things are a game changer for me these days.

Probiotics & Apple Cider Vinegar pills

  • Probiotics: These things are becoming more popular right now and I can see why. Google probiotics and what they do for you and then go out and buy some. You’ll thank me later.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar pills: Another trend – drinking apple cider vinegar – that I find revolting and impossible to maintain. The flavor = yuck. The act of slamming down warm yuck cider = super gross. But in the name of health I sought out an alternative. These little pills contain apple cider vinegar but you don’t have to taste it. I take mine on an empty stomach and overall I feel less bloated, lost a bit of weight (those difficult 3 lbs that never seem to go away – but did!)  and I feel, potentially a placebo, that I am doing something to benefit my overall health when I take them.


  • I LOVE THIS HERB. It’s a great detoxify-er. If you suffer from any kind of inflammation (due to PMS or really any other reason) consuming more turmeric really does help. Plus, it tastes good and adds a robust flavor to the food you’re making.  Basically, this herb is a superhero herb. Use it. Eat it. Love it. And if you don’t believe me, Google it.

Medicated Body Powder

  • I LOVE THIS STUFF. It’s perfect for in shoes and boots that you wear frequently. When I was bar tending I put this stuff in my shoes before every shift. It keeps your feet cool and dry and I love it. Not to mention, it keeps your shoes fresher for longer. If you travel a lot, get you some of this. It’s perfect to shake on to any part of your body in need. I will go the rest of my life with some brand of medicated body powder in my medicine cabinet.

Dry Brush

  • Better circulation and softer skin. Need I say more? I normally dry brush before I get in the shower – it sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves me feeling radiant. Then after the shower and some lotion, my skin is softer than ever.


  • The hype is real, ya’ll. The Vitamix blender is so bad ass it can even make soup. It can basically make anything short of a 12 inch pizza. I do smoothies in my Vitamix quite often. I also use it to make pesto, homemade Cesar dressing, and to blend my batter for baked goods. They are a touch expensive – but so flippin’ worth it. If your already a fan of your regular blender I absolutely suggest upgrading. You’ll be happy you did.


  • When used often this stuff will help stretch marks fade! Not only that but my skin feels the most moisturized when I use Bio-Oil compared to your every day lotion. It smells great, too. Again, kind of expensive (especially if you’re using it regularly) but it’s another must-have for me.

Mate Tea / Kombucha

  • These are no brainers. Mate and kombucha are like coffee – but they’re both better for you (and better tasting, I think). These teas give me energy, ease my stomach, and are a much smarter thing for me to be drinking compared to my old vice Diet Coke.

Non-Cotton Pillow Cases

  • Who would have thought that changing my pillow case would change my hair game and be better for my skin? After my hairstylist recommended I switch from sleeping on cotton to silk or satin – I really noticed a difference. In the mornings, my hair is less frizzy and damaged looking than it used to be when I slept on a cotton pillow case. My skin seems to prefer the silk pillow cases much more too and I find that I have less of those sleep wrinkles pressed into my face each morning. Cotton apparently sucks the moisture straight out of your hair/skin – ditching it has definitely made a difference for me.

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