Pura Vida

I’ve been leaving behind pieces of clothing and product as I travel about. Not only am I literally bothered by a heavy backpack but I’m also figuratively uninterested in carrying around any extra baggage; worries, fear, or anything of the sort.

But like a little girl born from the sea, I can’t help but to pick up special shells and tuck them into my bag for keeps.

In the shell I see eternity. I see my bones and your bones and fish and trees and fresh water. I see my mother, father, brother. I see you. I see light, love, I see pain and I see healing. I see hundreds of yesterdays that brought that very special shell to my very special today. I see the ebb and flow of the tides, the magic of the ocean and moreover the magic that Mother Earth has offered me.

In one shell, you can see everything. And if you’re sensitive, in one shell you can feel everything.

I do not get the same feeling from a tee shirt or a pair of sandals, so I let those things go in order to make room for what I feel to be worth carrying around with me.

Making space for the small things, the simple things, and letting go of the heavy…

Traveling is transcending for the mind, soul, and body. I can feel myself shedding skin. Shedding the past. But growing in love and appreciation.

I feel so calm and I’m realizing that the calmer and emptier I feel, the more alive I feel as well. I never associated being calm with being alive in the past. I used to think that a room full of people and music and dancing was my way to feel alive. Or jumping out of an airplane. And all those things have their place in life and I appreciate them, I do…but I’m realizing that me, when I find my center, breathe in deeply, and actively use my 5 senses to draw my full attention into the present moment–that’s when I’m most alive. In the right here. Right now.

I’m starting to understand myself more. I’m starting to understand the world and people around me more.

In a shell I’ve found everything I needed.

I needed to be reminded. I needed to grow. I needed to redefine appreciation. I needed to be reminded how connected everything is. How important each and every person and thing is. And thanks to the shells–the small, smooth, plain white shells, I’m doing just that.

Love to you,
Jane from the ocean


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Being Bohemia Business Casual is a collection juxtaposing the unconventional and professional. It’s an exploration of art and imagination peppered with the ordinary and routine. It’s more than surviving the 9 to 5 – it’s about thriving the 9 to 5. Join me as I navigate a budding career and the world around me as best as I know how.

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