Island Road Trip

June 27th


Let me introduce you to two amazing girls that us Colorado babes met at the hostel in Old San Juan.


Felice and Genevieve invited Allison, Audrey and I on a weekend road trip about the beautiful island. So on Saturday morning we dragged our butts out of bed and were waiting for the rental car to pick us up by 10. It’s amazing to me how traveling in a foreign place introduces you to the most hilarious, like minded, and adventurous people.

Our first stop was in Arecibo at the Cueva del Indio.

DSC_0048 DSC_0059 DSC_0047 DSC_0028

We worked up a hunger stumbling all over the uneven rock terrain so after our first stop we pulled the car over for a road side Puerto Rican delicacy, pinchos.


Did someone drug the pinchos in this country? Because the laughter after we ate them was nonstop. We snarfed the pinchos down like wild women and we continued our journey in attempts to find a precious Gozalandia waterfall. And this is where it gets funny…

We began snaking our way through the almost-jungle and right before we get into the thick of it we come up to this sign. Immediately I started laughing and had to snap a photo of it. Logistically, it makes sense. The roads are two way, but narrow as a one way, with dramatic bends and curves throughout the entire camino. So one must honk their horn at every bend and blind corner to alert on comers that you, too, are on coming.

I cannot tell you how hilarious this was to me and my lady companions. Felice had us cracking up till tears by keeping a constant pressure on the horn, alerting not only on coming traffic, but all of Puerto Rico, that we were coming. And when we finally cleared the forrest we got lost. Lost enough to stop 3 times and ask locals where the heck we were, and if they could please tell us how to get to the waterfall.

Eventually, we made it. And it was absolutely worth it. There’s this sketchy hike down into the trees to get to the waterfall, but once we were there it was hard to leave. We were supposed to make an additional stop, but we stayed at the waterfall for so long that we didn’t have the proper time to stop again before night fall.


After a long day of xploring, we made it to the weekend house that we rented; tired, happy, and ready for tomorrow.

June 28th
Day Six:DSC_0079

If you haven’t heard of the famous Crash Boat beach, you should Google it. Us girls spent the entire day there, banana boating, swimming, enjoying the sun and each other’s company.

And what a big, small, world it is; after we left Crash Boat beach we went to get infamous island drinks out of coconuts, and we ran into one of our new friends from the hostel! It was entirely unplanned and the timing was uncanny.


June 29th
Day Seven: Happy Birthday Audrey! And what’s the best way to celebrate a 23rd birthday in Puerto Rico? Stand up paddle boarding on in the Caribbean!

And then after eating lunch together we began our car ride back to the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. Since it was Audi’s birthday me and Allison bought her a surprise cake & candles, which we enjoyed once we finally made it back to our hostel sometime later that night. And since birthdays call for lots of dancing, the three of us girls went to a club called La Respuesta, and danced until our sweaty bodies couldn’t dance anymore.

June 30th
Day Eight: We woke up in San Juan knowing that it was time for Allison and Audrey to leave the island to return back to the states. Our week together had been so much fun that it was hard to see them go. But all good things must come to an end, and it was time for a new chapter of the Puerto Rican adventure to begin.

Audrey was the first to leave (or so we though, poor girl missed her flight and ended up staying an extra night in a hotel near the airport). So Allison, another new hostel friend and I went to el Museo del Arte to burn the afternoon away until it was time for Allison to catch the  bus to the airport and start her trek home.

And thus, my solo adventure began…

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