Pura Locura

June 23rd

Day One: My mouth feels like I have dry swallowed a packet of Ramen shrimp flavouring. I’m walking beef jerky; the magical flying air boat sucked the moisture right out of me. I started my travels in Colorado monday night. I’ll spare the dehydrating details, but it’s noon here in Puerto Rico and I have only just arrived. A full night of air travel has me kicking for a Long Island ice tea and a swim in the ocean.I’m writing now as I wait for Allison, one of my travel companions, and I’m sitting in baggage claim. The clicking of the suitcases as they’re pulled behind their owners gives me a deep seeded feeling of contentment. The sound drives my brain haywire… I’ve only ever associated  that clicking noise with travel, excitement, and the unknown.

Speaking of the unknown, it took me and Allison four hours of confusion to get to our hostel, which is hilarious me now.  Aside from the fact that my mate lost her cell phone, identification,  and bank card nearly upon immediate arrival to the island,  I’m tickled pink by our funny and chaotic mission from airport to hostel..

Starved, we went to a dinner place named Tijuana’s with a character Allison and I met from the hostel, named Sam.

Allison, myself, and Sam. 1st dinner in PR.
Allison, myself, and Sam. 1st dinner in PR.

That night was also the festival of San Juan, and if you’re interested in finding out what that is see my old blog posts from when I was living in Spain.

So we celebrated the tradition accordingly, splashing in the waves until late into the night.

June 24th

Day Two: Despite the Sun that was trying to french fry my ojos even with them shut, Allison and I slept in late…Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at the Sun, it was just screaming at me to wake up and go go go. When we finally shook the sleep off it was time to pick Audrey up. Audi (as I fondly call her) was going to find wifi at a Starbucks and let us know she had arrived. When we got the call, Allison and I trotted down a few roads to scoop Audi up and laugh with her on the way back to our hostel, the Posada San Francisco.

After eating lunch and buying groceries, Allison, Audrey and I went and spent the afternoon at the nearby beach, which was about a 20 minute walk.

Alli took this picture of me while Audi was napping.
Alli took this picture of me while Audi was napping.

When our bellies called, we returned back to the hostel and and made pasta and salad and enjoyed it with a glass of wine.

A new hostel friend suggested we all go to El Morro del San Cristobal so that’s exactly what we did.

Thanks, Google.
Thanks, Google.

But as nighttime goes, it was much, much darker than this.

June 25th
Day Three: Allison made us and some hostel friends a delicious breakfast burrito in the morning which inspired us to snag the bus to a different beach near by in Isla Verde. 

After being sea people by the shore we skipped the cock fights (yes, I said cock fights. And yes, it’s legal in PR) and headed straight for tacos at a place near the beach.

Later that night was full of new friends, including two badass Texas girls, a lovely girl from France, and an awesome new friend from Columbia. We went to a salsa club, which remind me to watch more salsa vids on YouTube so I’m ready next time, and then to a hip-hop like club called the Funky Buddha. 

June 25th
Day Four: After waking up in the hostel we went and got tacos (again, sooooooo gooooood) and then shipped off to a new hostel for the rest of the girls stay in Puerto Rico, or so we thought). The new hostel, the San Juan International, was deeper in the city of San Juan in comparison to the other hostel’s location in Old San Juan.

After shamelessly napping the hottest part of the day and well into the afternoon I was ready for more dancing. If you like local food, dancing, ice cold drinks, socialising, and beautiful people…well you should probably visit La Placita. Which is essentially a big block party for locals and tourists alike.

Click here to see what happens next! 

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