What’s to come?

lavalamps-940x626 copy

The last six weeks have been like the hot bouncing liquid inside a lava lamp.

Brilliant in the way the time flexed, slid, and oozed onward
blurring and combining onto itself into lumps.
Working in the heat of the moment,
melting time into memories.

This mad time-warp was created and emphasised during my last Spring semester in college by the looming fact that soon I would be graduating. During this lava lamp time frame days flew by without separation of the day before or the day to come; just one string of happenings.

But the event I had been waiting and preparing for came,
it always comes
and on May 16th, 2015 I graduated from Colorado Mesa University.

Myself (left) and my best friends Tess (middle) and Mary (right) at graduation.

The celebrations were endless,
until they ended
and I drove through the mountains to return to my hometown to answer for myself the ever so famous question, “What are you going to do after you graduate?”

For me, life starts and ends with adventure, so I knew I wanted to get myself to another country. But where?
I decided I’d go on a vacation of exploration to Puerto Rico–so I’ll be on that mission for two weeks this summer– but that didn’t feel like enough…

Where to go, what to do?

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Being Bohemia Business Casual is a collection juxtaposing the unconventional and professional. It’s an exploration of art and imagination peppered with the ordinary and routine. It’s more than surviving the 9 to 5 – it’s about thriving the 9 to 5. Join me as I navigate a budding career and the world around me as best as I know how.

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