The 365 Day Sentiment


Pt. 1
It’s so easy to get caught up in
future forward
& forthcoming.
It’s our nature to be
tangled in tomorrows
and twisted in to-dos..
But tonight
I part
into the past.

One year ago I embarked on an unforgettable adventure.

Pt. 2
Responsibility felt like hot stones in my pocket
I was heavy with school in my attempt to graduate early
but I was bored and unchallenged
and curious…
I asked myself “What Says Leah the Loudest?”
I didn’t know it then
but I was about to find the answer to that question.

Pt. 3
Europe and Spain:
Italy, France, Morocco, Belgium, Portugal, so beautiful and so exciting.
but most of my time was spent in Spain, exploring Granada, Barcelona, Cadiz, Ibiza, Málaga.

Though closest to my heart was my home base away from home.
Almería, España:
Los personas que conocí allí
y las memorias que tengo gracias a vosotros
son lo más precioso que tengo y los amo desde lo más profundo de mi corazón.

Pt. 4
365 days, always counting..
We are a society dreadlocked in a headful of ways to quantify life.
But it is important, somehow
to know that the past is in the past
and to know how far you’ve come since
in days and in time
but more importantly
in character and in spirit…
It was so hard to leave I could hardly get myself to buy a plane ticket back
but I had to and I’m glad I did
I wouldn’t change a single thing..

Pt. 5
Learning and Friendship
and Friendship and Learning.
I gained so much in my 6 months abroad- knowledge and a wealth of golden friends.
I fell deeper and deeper in love with Spanish
I got to the point where I could communicate clearly
I soaked in language like I never had before..

I fell deeper and deeper in love with traveling and culture and hostels and trains
I started to understand how to be alone, totally alone– for days at a time, globetrotting.

But truthfully I realised that in my heart lies an open spot.. for anyone
A vacancy that is always there when I’m solo
but can be filled by a number of humans.
A place in my heart that simply adores company.

I get how that’s human nature

but I connect with the concept in a deeper fashion;
as I loved to see things
but to see things with other’s was always better.
And I realised that that’s not such a bad thing.
I can be a strong, smart, proactive & innovative
fiercely independent & often stubborn
I can be comforted by communication,
lost in conversation, and truly invested in others around me.
I learned that I didn’t have to be one or the other…
That I never have to be this or that
that I can be a grand combination of whatever language or culture
…..a combination of everything and anything.
That I could extract parts of myself that I wanted to ditch and replace them with new parts
parts I liked better that worked better for me.
I learned that we are all one people, we are all one world
we are all so damn similar
but we are nothing of the same…
I learned so much that my heart was full and my mind ran tired at night,
I dreamt of the oddest things..
and then begin again..

Begin again, that’s what we always do
I left the enchanting city and traveling Europe behind
and beginning again was exactly what life called for.
back to the mountains, the burgers, and the university I’ve grown so fond of
back to my Mom and my Brother and my friends from so long ago
back to English, back to peanut butter, back to everyone always being in a rush…
…back to counting.
It’s been 365 days since I left for my adventure
Looking back, I know I am so thankful
for the people
the things I got to see and do
for all the little things I learned…

I miss you, Spain. I miss you, Erasmus people. I miss you, sea. I miss you.
But more importantly,
I love you. I cherish you. I treasure you in my heart. I look back on you so fondly. 

Thank you.
I extend my arms to the sky and shout thank you..
I wipe a small tear..

Then, looking myself in the mirror, I smile
because I know
is stopping me
from my

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