How to Survive Finals Week

First, go out and tattoo your knuckles with the phrase “day by day” across your hands.

Alright so perhaps that’s not the best idea. However during a particularly stressful time like finals week, the phrase would serve as a reminder to embrace the future one day at a time.

It’s important to slow down and focus on each challenge as it presents itself. Starting on Monday, focus on which tasks you will need to accomplish, and prepare yourself accordingly.

Additionally, getting enough sleep is essential to surviving finals week successfully. Eight hours a night, ladies and gents! Some people function off less than that just fine, to whom I am very jealous of. As for me, I require a decent nights sleep at least five out of seven nights a week. Which brings me to a quick reminder: set your alarm. These sleep stoppers are essential for finals week. Sleeping through a final is like death to the hard work of your entire semester. And you might even benefit from setting an alarm a little earlier than you normally do. Time is precious in these final days of school. Getting up just a bit earlier allows more space in your day to get things done. If you’re not a morning person, I have one suggestion: coffee. A rich steaming cup of coffee. Just the word itself makes me want to brew a fresh cup.

After you’re appropriately caffeinated, find a quiet spot to begin reviewing the materials that will be on your test(s) that day. Don’t worry about anything else but the things in front of you. Focusing in these silent moments before you have to take a test puts the information in the very front of your memory. Thus making it easier to access when you need it the most.

Getting multiple study sessions in before the test is very important. It can mean the difference between an entire letter grade on an exam. But remember, most finals are accumulative. The professors have been covering this material all semester. You know this stuff! If you’ve been showing up to more classes than you been missing out on, you have a good chance of passing the last test. Furthermore,don’t forget to spend some time relaxing. Letting your mind drift away from the stress of finals is a necessary part of each day. Some like yoga, music, watching movies, laughing with friends, or reading. Either way, making time in all of the craziness of finals week to unwind will help you do better on your tests. Getting too stressed out is a no-no. At the end of it all, summer is beckoning with open arms. Plenty of memories are just waiting to be made. Regardless of your grade in the class, after you take that test it’s over, and you’re that much closer to sweet sweet freedom.

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