Climbing the ladder of success with Kenny

Photo by Kenny Coles
Photo by Kenny Coles climbing the Telluride Via Ferrata

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” -John Muir

Above is a photo my classmate and friend Kenny took this past weekend on an Outdoor Program trip to the Telluride Via Ferrata. Viewing his sensational photos of the expedition inspires me so much. To be a strong and more efficient outdoor athlete and leader, and to continue gaining skills in the field of photography. One day I believe that I will be able to combine my love of the outdoors with my love and talent in professional photography, cinematography, and creative writing. I have unconditional trust in myself as an artist, a creator, and a child of this beautiful planet. I believe in my vision and future. And being around other people with similar goals and aspirations is the only wildfire I hope never gets extinguished.

To see more about Kenny’s adventure this past weekend Xplore his blog by clicking here!

And below is a promotion video featuring myself and Levi Meyers that Kenny created for the Criterion:

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Being Bohemia Business Casual is a collection juxtaposing the unconventional and professional. It’s an exploration of art and imagination peppered with the ordinary and routine. It’s more than surviving the 9 to 5 – it’s about thriving the 9 to 5. Join me as I navigate a budding career and the world around me as best as I know how.

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