Skydiving x2

Working at the Outdoor Program at CMU has been one of the most valuable and incredible experiences of my college career.  It has literally provided me with opportunities to fly. 

Skydive Moab Jump #1


Skydive Moab 1st Jump
Skydive Moab 1st Jump

People ask me if I was afraid, nervous, exc. This picture is the moment of my most fear. Going up was nothing but excitement, falling was nothing but amazing, a total rush, but these 5 seconds waiting with the wind ripping around you and your heart slamming into your rib cage, nothing but the world below you…this was my most afraid sky-diving moment.


Free Fallin
Free Fallin

And lucky me, about a year after my first jump I got a Facebook message labeled “URGENT…The girls who were supposed to lead the Skydiving trip got stuck in a cabin because of the weather– can anyone cover for them?”

Naturally, I said yes.

Skydive Moab Jump #2

No Shave November girl status
No Shave November girl status


1476703_507669902665027_1135495477_nTHANK YOU CMU OUTDOOR PROGRAM! 

Want to see a video of the experience? Click here!  

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